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Order of the Cricket

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The Order of the Cricket opens its membership to all who appreciate Mr. Lincoln and are willing to take its Vow.

Vow of the Order of the Cricket

I [screen name], being of sound mind and endoskeletal body, do solemnly affirm that I am of my own volition taking upon myself the rank of Defender of the Order of the Cricket. In pursuit of the duties of this rank, I will uphold by my life or death the following truths:

-- That Abraham Lincoln, the Ditto Town Cricket, is indeed a cricket (of the order Gryllus) with unusual musical capabilities, who chooses to grace the denizens of Ditto Town with melody in moments of silence.

--That the name "Abraham Lincoln" is in fact an alias or stage name, chosen for the convenience of Ditto Town's English-speaking citizens, who would find his Cricketish name unpronounceable.

--That Mr. Lincoln does not CAUSE silences in the Town Square, but rather makes them more pleasant with his music.

--That, as crickets are frail creatures, and as Mr. Lincoln is at times falsely accused and misunderstood, every Defender of the Order of the Cricket is sworn to protect his life and safety by carefully guarding his secrets: to wit, his Earth location, his true name, and any other personal details he chooses not to disclose.

Current Defenders of the Order of the Cricket:

Coraline (Head of the Order)

BERNINBUSH (Deputy Head of the Order)


Frodo Lion





Earel Alquawen