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Big Thoughts of a Small Mind
Friday, 5 August 2005
The Two Things Screwtape Hated
Mood:  lyrical
Now Playing: 4'33" by John Cage
Ditto Town has been very quiet lately. Tara tells me a lot of folks have left on vacation, and many of the others are resting now and preparing for a busy school year. When I play in the echoing stillness of the Town Square, often there is no one there to hear my music but myself.

Unreflecting people may complain of loneliness and boredom, but there's something to be said for time spent alone. When your puny voice echoes against the hard distant reaches of stone, reverberating unsoftened by intervening flesh or voices, you know in your soul that the universe is a very big place indeed, and shiver-- a good kind of shiver. And now I will reveal my secret: when there really is no one there to hear, I don't always make music. Sometimes I simply listen to the silence, to hear the wisdom it may teach me. How rare it is to find a place that is truly and completely free of the noises of life! But in that place, where Silence becomes almost a physical presence pressing against your eardrums, you may learn instead to hear the noiseless voice of Infinity.

Still, it is not good for man (or cricket) to be alone. I think I can only enjoy so much solitude and profundity before I begin to long for friends and simple conversation. So I hope that more folk may flock to the Fountain soon.

Posted by abethecricket at 12:56 AM JST

Wednesday, 11 January 2006 - 4:14 AM WST

Name: Shawna

What a neat blog. And wonderfully creative entries. Nice to see our lovely cricket finally has an outlet. ;-)

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