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Big Thoughts of a Small Mind
Saturday, 30 July 2005
An Enchanted Evening
Good mortereve, gentle readers.

The life of a cricket, even an unusually endowed cricket such as myself, is not always comprised of momentous occasions. Whole days go by with no event more exciting than an occasional sudden leap to avoid the tramp of careless feet. Quite frankly, I do not always have something blog-worthy to say. Last night, however, was one of those rare shining jewels that live in the memory for all time. I could not resist the chance to share with you, my friends, that which is the highest joy of a musician's life: a perfect performance.

The occasion arose through the efforts of an exclusive organization to which I belong, The Society for the Advancement of Musical Animals. Membership is, obviously, small and select, and the Society keeps a low profile for the protection of its members, so you may never have heard of it. I assure you, however, that the Society Symphony (comprised of the most talented society members) habitually provides the highest quality of performance.

Imagine my amazement and honor, then, when several months ago I was invited to play with the symphony at last night's performance in the Society Hall. When I arrived for the first rehearsal, I was overwhelmed by the variety and talent I met: elephants beating the tympani, pandas playing bamboo flutes, parrots providing vocals, a herd of cows ringing their bells, bullfrogs making the sound of the deeper string instruments, and mockingbirds imitating the high reedy sound of woodwinds. And then I recognized the conductor, and my heart swelled almost too large for my small body.

It was Howard Shore. Of all the modern composers in the world, he is perhaps the one I admire most. My joy was made complete when I learned we would be performing the Lord of the Rings Symphony, which has only been heard in a few cities in the world to date.

I must say that Mr. Shore was a gracious and generous co-worker in our effort to create a thing of beauty. I could not have asked for a better experience for my introduction to the Symphony. But the culmination undoubtedly was the performance itself, when our friends and supporters crowded the hall to be transported with us to the magical land about which we sang.

I cannot adequately express what I felt without breaking once again into melody. There are simply no words. My blog will here draw to a close, as I depart to dream and live again a night I can never forget.

Posted by abethecricket at 4:23 AM JST

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