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A Brief History of Abraham Lincoln the Cricket

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Good mortereve, kind visitor. Since I am, to the best of my knowledge, the world's only blogging cricket, I decided a word of explanation might be in order.

Yes, I am a cricket. Six legs, two antennae, and an inconveniently small size for typing. Nonetheless, having discovered the joys of recording my thoughts via computer, I find I need a new outlet in which to express myself.

For security reasons, to protect myself from those who misunderstand my intentions and those who would show me in Fairs, my true Cricketish name and my home are secrets. However, some time ago I made my way to a place called Ditto Town. I quickly discovered that the residents have warm and caring hearts, and are themselves of a diversity to make them readily accept a sentient and musical cricket. I have established an abode for myself in a crack in the Ditto Town Square Fountain. When silence falls in the Town Square, I issue forth and serenade my neighbors with classical, popular, and original music.

Some of the Town residents have become my dear friends. They founded the Order of the Cricket, vowing to defend me and carefully guard my secrets.

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